Welcome to Ratnik Industries Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of snowmaking and pumping systems worldwide.

Established in 1965, with over 600 customers around the globe, Ratnik Industries is the snowmaking industry's only dedicated manufacturing and engineering company. Our team of snowmaking experts offers end-to-end snowmaking solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our Victor, New York based facility includes integrated design engineering services as well as snowmaking equipment manufacturing capabilities using state-of-the-art computer controlled machines

Ratnik snowmaking products and services include:

  • High performance low energy air-water snow guns
  • Water only snow guns
  • Manual and automatic snowmaking hydrants
  • Automatic pumping systems
  • Vane type moisture separators
  • Automatic cooling systems for compressed air and water
  • PLC-based control systems
  • PC-based monitoring systems
  • Valves and accessories
  • Snowmaking hose and fittings
  • Instrumentation
  • Engineering design services.

Ratnik also offers pumping products and services for applications outside of the snowmaking industry.

Our pump product line includes custom prefabricated skid mounted pumping stations and retrofit upgrades.

What sets us apart?

At Ratnik, we are constantly seeking to improve our products, especially when it comes to energy savings. Our research and development efforts in the low-energy snowmaking sector have recently yielded a new patent-pending nozzle design that uses half the amount of compressed air as compared to previous models. Our unique interchangeable flanged component snow gun system allows you to adjust your snowmaking operations quickly to meet ever-changing weather conditions.